Who we are

Owner, Groomer, Terrier Expert, Cat Specialist


Hi I’m Shauntra! I’ve been grooming for over 10 years in veterinary clinics and have owned pets my entire life. I became a groomer because of my great love for animals. I can’t imagine a better way to spend my days than caring for pets and getting to pamper them. I have had the honour of working with Rona Toth (Airedale Breeder) and have mastered the Airedale breed clip as well as many other terrier breed clips. I specialize in cat grooming and am currently on the road to becoming a master cat groomer! 

Groomer, Manager, Skin Specialist


Hi I’m Ellice! I’ve been a groomer for over 5 years and have been working with animals in veterinary clinics, kennels and daycares for over 10 years. I became a groomer because of my love for animals and the difference I’m able to make in a pets comfort and quality of life through grooming. I specialize in rehabilitating dogs who don’t necessarily love to be groomed, double coated breeds/shedding dogs, and skin issues. I am currently working toward my pet aesthetician certification with Iv San Bernard.